Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day, Blast of Fun

Memorial Day weekend is always fun around here. This year, Lucas gave the weekend a theme with the name Blast of Fun. We had 4 of Johns siblings, kids, grandkids, and a dog join us this year. That is a total of 18 people. The weather was perfect sunny and 70 so we could enjoy the deck and lots of time outside.

This is Whitney and her youngest cousin Addison enjoying some time in the sun. Addison just wanted to get the grass and leaves.

The house was full of stories and laughter. For those of you that were here, let me just say "baby bird". It is always great fun being together and creating so many fun memories.

We got a bounce house for the kids to play on. It was a spaceship themed bouncer with a rocket on the top. Whitney road it to the top while it was inflating. We were also the most popular house on the block for the weekend since we had the bounce house, but it was fun for the kids.

Lucas' Catch of the day.

Lucas big fish

Lucas got to go fishing with his dad and his uncle Steve a few weeks ago while we were in Indiana. John and Luc got going early and drove to Lake Sweetwater, south of Indianapolis. After a few bags of Doritios, here is Lucas' catch of the day. They had lots of fun.

A new blog.

I just thought to myself, I dont have enough to do. Seriously, I have been reading some of my friends blogs and keeping up with their families and their activities and we have enjoyed them. So, I thought we would try it out. So here is my first attempt at this, I am diving in headfirst, not really knowing what I am doing. I hope you all enjoy it.