Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lucs bike wreck

Luc has a new nickname evil kanevil, did I spell that right????? Anyway, he was trying to jump his bike over a ramp and he wasnt aware that you had to pull the handlebars up. Oops. ... who forgot to tell him that. Anyway, he crashed, some blood, alot of tears and then the morning after he had a big fat lip. He is already deciding when he is going to try it again.

A Family Wedding

Two of my nieces Taylor (16) and Gabrielle (14)
Baby Addison with her papaw Steve at the reception
The Holden men (little) Mike Holden, (big) Mike Holden, John Holden, Ryan Demott, Lonnie Holden and Kyle Holden
The happy couple and the reason we all got together My niece Lindsey and her new husband Sean. A beautiful wedding and so much fun to all be together. To many laughs and good times.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day of school

Whitney and Lucas on the way to school. So sorry that summer was over, but very excited about starting school. It was only half day, they were home quickly. As we walked to school I was feeling a little leary about starting this again every day. Getting them up, dressed, doing homework. Summer was alot easier is alot of ways.

Whitney, Alyssa and Marissa all in Mrs. Morins class together. They are all in Brownies together also. 3rd grade is a big year. Whitney got the teacher she wanted so she was very happy.
Lucas' teacher Mrs. Lee (in the black on the left) An amazing 1st grade teacher, so happy we got her. a great personality to fit with Lucas.. John is happy because she will be nice to look at during teacher conferences. At least I know he will show up.!!!!!

Second Day of School

Lucas and Zak his best friend eating lunch for the first time in the cafeteria. They loved it and thought they were hot stuff.

I went to school today to help the kids with lunch in the cafeteria. One of the things Lucas is most excited about is getting to eat in the cafeteria every day and play on the big kid playground. When I walked in the classroom he is talking about some things he brought from home so the other kids would get to know him.