Monday, December 29, 2008

New Nephew

JJ and Kate had a son yesterday. After alot of contractions for the last several days and then getting to the hospital only to almost be sent home, the drama finally ended with the speedy delivery of a healthy baby boy. His name is Jackson. A son to carry on the Hannah name. Jj is so proud, as we all are.
I am a little sad I will not meet him in person until April in Florida, but I will take what I can get.
God is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

WE had a wonderful Holiday this year. My mom and dad came up and stayed for 5 days. We had lots to do decorating cookies, gingerbread houses, Greenfield village. Luckily the weather warmed up for us. The 9 inches of snow made it beautiful to walk around under the moon casting light for us.
We spent Christmas Eve afternoon at church and then went to a friends house for appetizers and drinks afterwards.
The kids were fairly easy to get into bed on Christmas Eve night. (to bad there isn't that incentive every night)
Santa pleased all in our house on Christmas morning. The kids each got new bikes. He new how desperately there were needed. Although there was still lots of snow the kids were excited. Whitney also got her DS that she wanted and Lucas got few new Wii games. This along with tons of other stuff. So many fabulous gifts under the tree.
We had our traditional egg casserole breakfast after opening gifts and then returned to play with everything after eating.
Trish and Gabs drove up Christmas Day afternoon.
More presents and tons of laughter Christmas night. IT is a snowman war between Trish and I on who gets more each year. She has now started something by "stealing" one of my snowmen when she left my house.
Let the games begin sister!!!
We are truly blessed this year. In Michigan, and everywhere where so many families are struggling, we are stable, happy, healthy and loving life. Many blessings to all your families.

A blessed Christmas we had.

Everyone received gifts they loved. Whitney had one request...a Nintendo DS. John enjoyed the 6 he got under the tree of Michigan brewed specialites.

The family before church on Christmas Eve.
Please notice Whitney is almost as tall as me.

An annual tradition is decorating gingerbread houses with Mimi and Papaw. They stayed at our house for several days and it looks like the boys team were happy with the finished products.
We spent a night at Greenfield Village, Kind of like Conner Prarie for you Hoosiers. it was beautiful walking around in the snow, carolers, reindeer, sleigh rides, hot chocolate, and Santa.
Here we are taking a break and warming up by the fire.

Whitney and Lucas helped me make buckeyes from my grandma Hannahs rec. then we delivered to some friends for Christmas.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter wonderland

It was a beautiful snowfall the other night, so we decided to take a walk at night through the neighborhood. The snow looked like it had glitter in it.

This is this morning. We had 6 inches by 8, by 11:30, we are at 11 and still coming down hard. The kids are having a blast outside on their snow day. Although last night they were wanting to go to school. They had fun stuff planned on their last day before break. i think i have the only 2 kids on the planet that want to go to school. They are enjoying themselves outside now however.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!!

Turkey Day in Indiana. Whitney and Gabs are cheesing for the camera.

John, Me, Mom, Dad, Julie Hill (my cousins wife)
Whitney, Gabrielle, Lucas, Nick Hill, Trish and Bella
We all had a great day at my mom and dads eating a ton of food. (Trish makes the best sweet potato souffle ever). Then we played up your giggy. a game we used to play with my grandparents that is so fun for the entire family.
Of course football and some couch time were included in this day.

Decorating the tree

Whitney and Luc help decorate the tree before we head to Indiana for Turkey Day.

Monday, November 3, 2008

trick or treating

Our pumpkins. Lucas had at the first one on his own. Our fake rat in the background was placed inside it. His other one is the ghost face on the left.

This is Lucas as Indiana Jones and his friend Zak. They were ready to head out.

Whitney as gangster girl and her friend Amanda

Halloween Parties at School

The kids had a parade at school then parties in their classroom. Then, after they were all sugared up, they got to come home for a half day.

Whitney was a gangster girl. Luc as Indiana Jones

Lucs' teacher who is pregnant, went as a peanut M&M.
Whitney during the parade.

Whitneys class all dressed up.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ok, I know it happens to all the kids. But seriously....
Ok this week Whitney has had her first pimple and we found out she is already getting her 12 year molars. She isnt even 10!!!. Does this mean she is going to get everything early????
Yikes, she is freakin me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Dog Situation

Well after two weeks with our dog Benny, he was returned to the shelter. He was a four year old Beagle with alot of bad habits.
Including peeing on Whits bed, in our house and pooping. I guess going outside is to much hassle. So, we tried for a few extra days, the shelter was really pushing us to keep him, but the guilt couldnt get us to budge. The other things was we got this dog for the kids and he didnt pay attention to them. He followed me around. I dont need something following me around, I am good, just got the kids off to school. He would only listen to me (if he listened to anyone). So, we went him packing. The kids were a little sad at first, although we had told them this from the get go.
So, we may revisit the idea in the spring. Although I have enjoyed not having to bundle up at 11:00 at night to take a dog outside one last time. The kids seem over it also. They realized that having a dog is alot harder then it seems.

Pumpkin Patch

So the trees were still beautiful and Luc grabs the biggest pumpkin he can carry.

A photo of Trish and me waiting to get on the wagon ride out to the pumpkin patch.
We had to get some hot cider after the ride to warm up. We also tasted the homemade donuts. Trish gives them a thumbs up.
On to the scary halloween store after this.

Brrrrr...A cold day for the pumpkin patch

So it was a little chilly for our day at the pumpkin patch. My two nieces Taylor on the left and Gabrielle on the right were here for their Fall break. We always love when they visit.

Lucas checking out some animals. you gotta catch him when he is least expecting it to get a good smile.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Homecoming weekend

The kids hanging out at FC Homecoming

Whitney swinging out over the pond at Julies house in Columbus. We went there for a cookout after the game. It didnt take long for the kids to get wet. Shocking that Whitney was the first kd to get wet.

The boys canoing on the pond.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Hunting season

John got a deer on his second hunt of the season. He was pretty excited. He and Lucas heading out next Sat. morning.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Meet our newest family member

We would like to introduce you to Benny. He is a 3 year old Beagle that we rescued from a shelter on Saturday. He is a little heavy for a beagle and they told us he needed to lose some weight. That shouldn't be to difficult for him trying to keep up with my kids.

He is very sweet, calm and TRAINED!!!!!! The kids love him and are doing a great job helping with him. Even the not so fun jobs.

We have him on a trial basis for a week, however, we think we will keep him. We hope you can all meet him soon.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lucs bike wreck

Luc has a new nickname evil kanevil, did I spell that right????? Anyway, he was trying to jump his bike over a ramp and he wasnt aware that you had to pull the handlebars up. Oops. ... who forgot to tell him that. Anyway, he crashed, some blood, alot of tears and then the morning after he had a big fat lip. He is already deciding when he is going to try it again.

A Family Wedding

Two of my nieces Taylor (16) and Gabrielle (14)
Baby Addison with her papaw Steve at the reception
The Holden men (little) Mike Holden, (big) Mike Holden, John Holden, Ryan Demott, Lonnie Holden and Kyle Holden
The happy couple and the reason we all got together My niece Lindsey and her new husband Sean. A beautiful wedding and so much fun to all be together. To many laughs and good times.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day of school

Whitney and Lucas on the way to school. So sorry that summer was over, but very excited about starting school. It was only half day, they were home quickly. As we walked to school I was feeling a little leary about starting this again every day. Getting them up, dressed, doing homework. Summer was alot easier is alot of ways.

Whitney, Alyssa and Marissa all in Mrs. Morins class together. They are all in Brownies together also. 3rd grade is a big year. Whitney got the teacher she wanted so she was very happy.
Lucas' teacher Mrs. Lee (in the black on the left) An amazing 1st grade teacher, so happy we got her. a great personality to fit with Lucas.. John is happy because she will be nice to look at during teacher conferences. At least I know he will show up.!!!!!

Second Day of School

Lucas and Zak his best friend eating lunch for the first time in the cafeteria. They loved it and thought they were hot stuff.

I went to school today to help the kids with lunch in the cafeteria. One of the things Lucas is most excited about is getting to eat in the cafeteria every day and play on the big kid playground. When I walked in the classroom he is talking about some things he brought from home so the other kids would get to know him.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Best Vacation Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lucy having a ball at the ranch. She was full of energy, it took all 6 of us adults and Luc and Whitney to keep up with her. She was running with the big kids the entire week going on wagon rides to the meadow, sitting in the hottub, eating, and playing with them the entire week. She made fast friends with everyone there.
This view is down into the valley of the ranch from one of our rides. You can really see the affects from the wildfire a few years ago. The fire split at the north end of the valley, went around the ranch and joined back up on the other end of the ranch. That the ranch was spared is truly and act of God.

Mommy and Whit getting ready for the square dance. Whitney danced every dance.

Whitney and her new friend Sophia railsitting.
Mimi participated in the egg toss, she missed and it got her face, this is the money shot. But here is a great pic. of Mimi and Papaw getting ready to go riding.

Whitey riding Flash who she loved. Unfortunately Flash had a bum leg and she couldnt ride him the last day. He did get to participate in the rodeo and she and Flash went at a "breakneck" speed around the barrels.
This is Lucas on Chance. Chance was a great horse who the wranglers said you could shoot a shotgun off by his ear and he wouldnt budge. Sounded good at the beginning of the week, although Lucas was typically at the end of the line and wanted to get a little speed going by the end of the week.

One for the record books.!!!This picture of John is the first time he has ever been on a horse. John got a horse named Gandy and he did fantastic. He loved it and only missed one ride. He went on early rides before breakfast, jumped logs, ran the creek, loped up hill, he did it all and was a natural.

John and I took an afternoon off from riding and learned to fly fish, ok, it was in a pond and not a creek, but baby steps. I got a nice rainbow trout and was very proud of myself.
The pic. of me is on Table rock on a ride we took one morning. I remember going to this rock on a ride when I was a teenager. A great view and a lovely ride.

Lost Valley Ranch in Colorado, our best vacation ever. JJ and I went to this ranch for 5 summers when we were younger. We took our families back this past week. This picture was on our family ride. Over my left shoulder down in the valley is the ranch. We had a few sprinkles on the ride, which we were glad to see, it was a little toasty.
Kate didnt ride since she is 5 months pregnant and of course Lucy was to young (she isnt even 3). This didnt go over to well with her, she did get to ride the little kid horse Dewey, led by someone.
There are so many more pics. that I have and will share with you all. Just to many to put online. We had a wonderful time. Did I mention that JJ and I ran the barrels, did the three man cow roping and JJ, John and I did an all day ride to round up cattle. There are some great stories from that day.
Love to you all.