Thursday, July 30, 2009

Whitney turns 10!!!

Here Whitney is opening a necklace that her great grandmother had set aside for her over 9 years ago before she passed away. It is a little circle of pearls. Whitwas a little blown away by it. Very Special!!

A roller skating party with a few of her friends. They all had a blast.

Always a big milestone turning the double digits. She had lots of fun celebrating on several different days.
She went tubing with friends. Mimi created a taste test for the kids. This is something she used to do when I was little on rainy days at the lake in the summer. She and Papaw got a big laugh out of the girls trying out mayo, ketchup, syrup and finally horseradish. Then off to Aunt Trishs house for some fun. Went swimming, out to lunch, to the park with Gabs and her teenage friends. Just hanging out, laughing, having a great time.
It is hard to believe she is 10. So sappy, but I can remember the day so well the first time I held her in my arms. It has been a fun, joyous, crazy, bumpy road with her and I love her dearly.

Ruby, some new pics.

so here are some new pics of our cute little puppy Ruby. She is so much fun.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our new puppy

So we got a new puppy two weeks ago. She is 12 weeks old and is a Lhaso Apso/King Charles Spaniel mix. Her name is Ruby. She is really sweet and well behaved. Of course she loves to chew on everything. She loves to play in the yard with the kids, chasing a ball, or them. She chased Lucas right up the slide the other day. It was the only place he said he could go to get away from her little puppy teeth.
She sleeps thru the night (because she knows I need my sleep) and is really sweet.
She is a great addition to our family. I was really dreading a puppy, but we are so glad we got her.