Monday, June 28, 2010

Spring in Michigan

Whitney's 10U travel team " The Pride"
They have had an amazing season. Whitney has learned so much playing on this team. It has been a huge time commitment, and she has not complained once about it. She has turned out to be a very strong 3rd baseman since she can throw like a man. She has had a grand slam and a home run also this year. Watching her has been a true joy for John and I.

The last day of school!!!!!!!!!!!

This year Lucas played spring flag football. He was on a team with all his buddies. He loved it, and enjoyed playing running back and quarterback. The kids has an arm for sure. Just not sure which sport he will spend it on.

His baseball team was his first year of kid pitch, can you say BALL, BALL, BALL!!! A little slow, but he liked his coach. He has such natural ability out on the field and enjoys going to practices as well as the games.

We wrapped up another school year. Whitney finished 4th, and Lucas finished 2nd grade. They had amazing teachers, and a wonderful year. There was alot of drama with all the girls in Whitney's class, so we were glad to see that come to an end. Apparently, that drama translated to the mothers of the school as well. A ton of drama on the PTO and I have made the decision to not serve again next year. I am done with the high school drama, don't need any more of that.
We are starting our summer out right up here with beautiful weather. We are looking forward to a fun filled summer, we hope you can be a part of it.