Tuesday, December 28, 2010

memory foam

My daughter wanted memory foam for Christmas. Put it on her list to Santa.
That and UGGS, no way am I buying UGGS for an 11 yr. old. She got the memory foam.
She has slept on my sis-in-laws bed and couldnt stop talking a bout the dang memory foam.
So I ordered her one from overstock.com (love that website)
it is the BOMB!!!
I am going to order one for all our beds in the house.
She has the oldest mattress in the house, needs to be replaced, but not so much anymore, it is heaven. I have slept on it twice, once just a little nap.
I highly recommend them to all, and to all a goodnight!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Today is Christmas Eve. Our beloved cat Zeke who was 15 years old had to be put to sleep today. Timing sucks, but he was failing.
We are sad, it isnt fun to be sad on Christmas Eve.
Everyone knew Zeke as the big fat cat, who was so sweet.
Rest little Zeke, you were loved, you will be missed.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Christmas tree

An annual tradition that I look forward to. We usually put it up before we drive to Indianapolis for Thanksgiving. This year, we waited until after.
We got the tree out, the kids wanted a shot at putting it together themselves. This tree is old, it used to be my parents. The color coded rings are faded. They started at the top, only got about 6 branches on it. Then we had to intervene.
Whitney unwrapped each of the ornaments from the boxes, setting them all out on the table.
She loves doing this, "remember mom when I made this one?" "who is this one from?"
I love the ones they made, they still make a few, they are my most precious ones.
I also still have ones that were my grandparents. I remember them on their trees. I makes me feel like they are still a part of Christmas, even though they are gone.
Lucas doesn't care so much for this process anymore, he gets bored with it quickly. He ended up laying on the floor watching.
Our tree is so full, i think we may need to get a second tree.
My favorite thing on the tree is the star at the top. It was my grandparents. I look at it and it instantly reminds me of them. They always had a beautiful tree. This isn't really a true star, more of a spire. Whit thought it was plastic, it is just really thin glass. I freak out when we get to it in the box, nobody is allowed to touch it, I would be so sad if it broke. John is very careful when he puts it on the tree. He indulges me!!! They all do, when I get a little sappy looking at all the ornaments on our tree.
It just reminds me how thankful I am for my life and my family.
Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My new snowman

For those of you that don't know, I collect snowman. Don't know why, but it started about 10 years ago. I have all different kinds, all over the house.
However, I got this little guy this year. It was an early present from my mother. He is about 3 inches tall (here he is sitting on a kleenex box). He plugs into my computer and is the only Christmas decoration I have on my desk. He turns different colors while plugged in. He is sooo cute, and my new favorite so far.
Just wanted to share.
Thanks Mom. and Trish, keep your hands off this guy!!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving with family and friends from all over. Our friends the Irvins joined us this year. My cousin Julie and her son Nick and of course Trish and Gabs.

the turkey was great, as well as all the trimmings. The football game was sad, those Lions, just cant get a break. We had lots of fun the whole day long.

We couldnt take a walk after we ate though, it was raining all day long, kind of a bummer. Had to just lay around and feel stuffed. That night, Whitney spent the night with Trish to go shopping on Black Friday and Lucas and John headed to the woods. Julie and I hit the gym Friday morning to work on the turkey dinner.
Christmas here we come.