Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ok Enough already

All you see when you look outside is brown and white. Not black and yellow like the song, that might be creepy.
The snow piles are so large around our neighborhood that you cannot see when trying to get out of driveways or the sub.
It is also like 8 degrees and cold winds, no fun.
However the bright spot is we are going to Florida.
The kids and I anyway. John has to go to Indy for a mtg, and we have a week off of school. So we are headed south.
It may not be hot down there, we may not be able to swim at 10 in the morning, but we can walk outside, feel the sun on more then just our faces. Soak up some rays, get some Vitamin D in our system.
The break from the monotony of winter will be well received for us all. We will miss John, but we would miss him at home also.