Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First day of school

Lucas has 5 of his great friends in class. He said his teacher was nice today and he had fun. She let them have recess, so she started off on a good note.

Whitney has 11 girls in her class and is good friends with them all. She got the teacher she had wanted so all is good there.

Lucas and Whitney before school

Of course, Ruby had to get in on the gig, she was so sad to be left alone Whitney said she had a hard time sleeping last night, she was excited.. must get that from her mommy.

Lucs new room

While my parents took the kids to Canada, I needed a big project. So, I decided to paint Lucas' room. This is one of the only rooms left in the house that I have not painted and although he wasnt complaining, I felt it needed to be done. So he picked the colors and the idea and I got busy. So here you go, for those that visit, it is now the blue room.