Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our superstar

Whitney is playing for the Braves this season. This is her first year on kid pitch. That sure adds an interesting twist to the game.
Whitney and her coach sitting on the bench.
Whitney up at bat.
She didnt pitch this first game, which was probably a good thing. She has been practicing alot and she hopes to soon.
She had two great hits and cleared the bases on one. She won 9-7

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Come on RedWings we want another cup in Detroit. Ok, so we dont have alot going for us in the Motor city right now. A wings win would be a huge boost to this sagging town.
On a more personal level, Whitney is playing her first softball game of the season and she may be the pitcher. HUMMMMM.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

hey out there!!!

So a good friend of mine told me the other day that I wasnt updating often enough. So here I am.
WE are in the midst of baseball/softball fever. M-F we have either a game or a practice. Needless to say, our family dinners are out the window. So my latest goal is that we shoot for two and two eating together. AT least you have somebody to share a meal with.
Whit has moved up this year to 10U on the Braves, so she is up to 2 games a week. She has the potential to be really good. Just have to harbor that. She has missed gymnastics. We just couldnt squeeze that in. So I know she is looking forward to adding that in when school is over.
Lucas is playing for the White Sox, a sore spot for a house of Cubbie fans, but what can you do. He is really good and spends hours practicing with his coach in the backyard. John is asst. coach for Lucas this year and Lucas is in heaven.
I am still doing my "no pay" job at Bentley volunteering for everything it seems. We had a run of activities at the school and it seemed I was up there all the time. It has slowed and now we are on a field trip kick. Tomorrow Lucas and I are headed to the Detroit Zoo YUCK!!!! and then next WEd. going to the Toldeo Zoo with Whit. A thousand times better zoo so looking forward to that.
WE still have 5 weeks of school, so summer vacation is not quite on our radar just yet. The weather up here proves that. Still hovering in the 60s.
I had a wonderful Mothers Day, showered with homemade gifts and cards from the kids that always brings a tear to my eye. Although it doesnt take to much. John was so generous with an Ipod touch for me. Loving it. I can download all kinds of songs for my workouts. Now I just have to find the time to do that. (download and workout)
Love to all!!!!