Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Christmas tree

An annual tradition that I look forward to. We usually put it up before we drive to Indianapolis for Thanksgiving. This year, we waited until after.
We got the tree out, the kids wanted a shot at putting it together themselves. This tree is old, it used to be my parents. The color coded rings are faded. They started at the top, only got about 6 branches on it. Then we had to intervene.
Whitney unwrapped each of the ornaments from the boxes, setting them all out on the table.
She loves doing this, "remember mom when I made this one?" "who is this one from?"
I love the ones they made, they still make a few, they are my most precious ones.
I also still have ones that were my grandparents. I remember them on their trees. I makes me feel like they are still a part of Christmas, even though they are gone.
Lucas doesn't care so much for this process anymore, he gets bored with it quickly. He ended up laying on the floor watching.
Our tree is so full, i think we may need to get a second tree.
My favorite thing on the tree is the star at the top. It was my grandparents. I look at it and it instantly reminds me of them. They always had a beautiful tree. This isn't really a true star, more of a spire. Whit thought it was plastic, it is just really thin glass. I freak out when we get to it in the box, nobody is allowed to touch it, I would be so sad if it broke. John is very careful when he puts it on the tree. He indulges me!!! They all do, when I get a little sappy looking at all the ornaments on our tree.
It just reminds me how thankful I am for my life and my family.
Merry Christmas!!

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