Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Dog Situation

Well after two weeks with our dog Benny, he was returned to the shelter. He was a four year old Beagle with alot of bad habits.
Including peeing on Whits bed, in our house and pooping. I guess going outside is to much hassle. So, we tried for a few extra days, the shelter was really pushing us to keep him, but the guilt couldnt get us to budge. The other things was we got this dog for the kids and he didnt pay attention to them. He followed me around. I dont need something following me around, I am good, just got the kids off to school. He would only listen to me (if he listened to anyone). So, we went him packing. The kids were a little sad at first, although we had told them this from the get go.
So, we may revisit the idea in the spring. Although I have enjoyed not having to bundle up at 11:00 at night to take a dog outside one last time. The kids seem over it also. They realized that having a dog is alot harder then it seems.

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