Monday, August 25, 2008

Best Vacation Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lucy having a ball at the ranch. She was full of energy, it took all 6 of us adults and Luc and Whitney to keep up with her. She was running with the big kids the entire week going on wagon rides to the meadow, sitting in the hottub, eating, and playing with them the entire week. She made fast friends with everyone there.
This view is down into the valley of the ranch from one of our rides. You can really see the affects from the wildfire a few years ago. The fire split at the north end of the valley, went around the ranch and joined back up on the other end of the ranch. That the ranch was spared is truly and act of God.

Mommy and Whit getting ready for the square dance. Whitney danced every dance.

Whitney and her new friend Sophia railsitting.
Mimi participated in the egg toss, she missed and it got her face, this is the money shot. But here is a great pic. of Mimi and Papaw getting ready to go riding.

Whitey riding Flash who she loved. Unfortunately Flash had a bum leg and she couldnt ride him the last day. He did get to participate in the rodeo and she and Flash went at a "breakneck" speed around the barrels.
This is Lucas on Chance. Chance was a great horse who the wranglers said you could shoot a shotgun off by his ear and he wouldnt budge. Sounded good at the beginning of the week, although Lucas was typically at the end of the line and wanted to get a little speed going by the end of the week.

One for the record books.!!!This picture of John is the first time he has ever been on a horse. John got a horse named Gandy and he did fantastic. He loved it and only missed one ride. He went on early rides before breakfast, jumped logs, ran the creek, loped up hill, he did it all and was a natural.

John and I took an afternoon off from riding and learned to fly fish, ok, it was in a pond and not a creek, but baby steps. I got a nice rainbow trout and was very proud of myself.
The pic. of me is on Table rock on a ride we took one morning. I remember going to this rock on a ride when I was a teenager. A great view and a lovely ride.

Lost Valley Ranch in Colorado, our best vacation ever. JJ and I went to this ranch for 5 summers when we were younger. We took our families back this past week. This picture was on our family ride. Over my left shoulder down in the valley is the ranch. We had a few sprinkles on the ride, which we were glad to see, it was a little toasty.
Kate didnt ride since she is 5 months pregnant and of course Lucy was to young (she isnt even 3). This didnt go over to well with her, she did get to ride the little kid horse Dewey, led by someone.
There are so many more pics. that I have and will share with you all. Just to many to put online. We had a wonderful time. Did I mention that JJ and I ran the barrels, did the three man cow roping and JJ, John and I did an all day ride to round up cattle. There are some great stories from that day.
Love to you all.

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