Sunday, December 28, 2008

WE had a wonderful Holiday this year. My mom and dad came up and stayed for 5 days. We had lots to do decorating cookies, gingerbread houses, Greenfield village. Luckily the weather warmed up for us. The 9 inches of snow made it beautiful to walk around under the moon casting light for us.
We spent Christmas Eve afternoon at church and then went to a friends house for appetizers and drinks afterwards.
The kids were fairly easy to get into bed on Christmas Eve night. (to bad there isn't that incentive every night)
Santa pleased all in our house on Christmas morning. The kids each got new bikes. He new how desperately there were needed. Although there was still lots of snow the kids were excited. Whitney also got her DS that she wanted and Lucas got few new Wii games. This along with tons of other stuff. So many fabulous gifts under the tree.
We had our traditional egg casserole breakfast after opening gifts and then returned to play with everything after eating.
Trish and Gabs drove up Christmas Day afternoon.
More presents and tons of laughter Christmas night. IT is a snowman war between Trish and I on who gets more each year. She has now started something by "stealing" one of my snowmen when she left my house.
Let the games begin sister!!!
We are truly blessed this year. In Michigan, and everywhere where so many families are struggling, we are stable, happy, healthy and loving life. Many blessings to all your families.

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