Monday, June 23, 2008

Sanibel Girls Weekend 2008

Kristen, Stef and myself waiting for more food. We ate well while we were there. So much great seafood. All 8 of us at Doc Fords. We had 4 lbs. of shrimp boil delivered to the table. oh so, so good!!

I had such a great time in Sanibel with my 8 best friends from college. I have been friends with some of these girls for 20 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Roomates, bridesmaids, my sounding boards, sorority sisters, commrades in mischief, good friends.

We had a great time eating, laughing, sweating in the sun. Not alot of sleeping, there was to much to discuss, it was worth every minute and I am looking forward to next year already. John was awesome and took great care of the kids while I was gone. The house, well... that is a different story.

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