Sunday, January 11, 2009

Have we turned a corner????

Ok, so everybody has trouble getting their kids to help around the house. Our home is no exception. Chores are like pulling teeth, up until this week.

I asked Whitney to help gather some of the Christmas decorations from around the house so I could put them away. I said get 10 things, she got those 10 and said "Can I keep going?" Me..." Uh, ya, knock your little socks off girl" After 45 minutes, the table was full and I was on my way to a cleaner house. Two days later with our 8 inches of snow, she was voluntarily outside 3 different times during the course of the day, helping John shovel the driveway, clean off his truck and the sidewalk. Never asked for a dime, never complained about being wet or cold. This morning, she took mine and Lucas' "order" for breakfast and helped clean up when it was done.

I did give her a huge tip for breakfast and a big hug.
Oh, it continues, I was cleaning and she asked if there was anything she could clean for me??? Wow!!!

Maybe this will be something new and ongoing, or even if it just lasts this week, I am grateful for the help and the beautiful attitude she brought with it. What a beautiful little light that we have seen shine in her.

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Party of Five said...

If it continues have her talk to Lauren. That would be great!! Good for you!