Thursday, June 4, 2009

mother daughter time

Last weekend I went with Whitney and her brownie troop for an overnight. We spent the day walking around Greenfield Village. It is like Conner Prairie for you Hoosiers.

Whitney at the weiner mobile at the Henry Ford Museum.

The girls got to ride in an old Model T car, they thought it was great.

That night, we all stayed in a dorm type room. 12 girls and 11 parents from our troop and another troop. It was a ton of fun, and I actually got more sleep then I thought I would. There is no picture available to describe that scene. Lights were out at 10:30, girls asleep by 1:00 I think. The next morning we spent at the Henry Ford Museum. Unfortunately, we were all to tired to care to much by that point. Whitney and I had a great time together and that is all that matters.
Dana, are you proud of all my posts????

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