Tuesday, May 25, 2010

old house/ new house

Our last house was an act of love, patience, dreams, threats of lawsuits and tears. We helped design it, with loving touches from a friend. We watched it being built from the ground up. It took forever, and cost more then we expected, but we loved every inch of it. It was huge and a great place to throw parties, which we often did.
We moved in 3 days before Christmas. Lucas was just a baby, he took his first steps in the living room, was potty trained on a very durable hard wood floor, had his first haircut on the counter in the laundry room. We had lots of extra space for lots of overnight visitors.
Whitney and her playgroup friends playing in the basement. They were only 3 and they were all sitting in their underwear with suckers in their mouthes (it was cute, not creepy). it was the best house for playgroup, the basement was huge and we couldn't hear the kids.
We had a family of foxes that lived in the backyard. Whitney and John took cat food and sat out there for an hour and got to feed them by hand. So many fabulous memories, in such a short period of time.
We got a call in Sept. for an offer we could not pass up. We moved to Canton 3 days after Christmas. It was cold up here, and we didn't know a soul. Nobody comes out much in January in Michigan, it was a long few months for me.
But now, we have lived in this house longer then we ever lived in Brownsburg. The house is sooo different, but filled with so many wonderful memories. They just took a little longer to get started.
Our family now comes up to visit all the time and stays for much longer then they ever did in Brownsburg.
Moving was the hardest thing we have ever had to do, and the best thing for the four of us. Those cold winter nights when we didn't know anyone else, we had to rely on one another for everything. It brought us closer together then any vacation ever could.
Being away from our family is hard, some days harder then others special events at school, or when I have to be at three places at once and John is out of town. I wish I had a grandparent for a back up. But, we have grown to appreciate our family more then we ever did before and love them beyond belief. We have also built some strong friendships up here and I now have my back up. I am just not related to any of them.
We are traveling to Indy this weekend. One of my nieces is graduating from high school. There will be family get togethers all weekend and we cannot wait to see everyone. We haven't been back since Christmastime, this visit is long overdue. Although we will miss watching the Indy 500 on TV, a perk of living in Mi, we will have the joy of visiting with family and laughing until your sides hurt.
WE are blessed.

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