Monday, November 22, 2010

Lucas and sports

Lucas is now totally into sports. His dad is thrilled. He doesn't just play them every chance he gets, he watches them and talks about them.
I remember a day when on Sunday afternoons and a football game was on that John wanted to watch, I had to: A. Hope if fell during naptime or B. entertain the kids
This has all changed.
Lucas is in there watching it with John, talking about each play, cheering on a team after figuring out which team he should be rooting for. (Any naps now involved John, not Lucas)
He wakes up and watches sports center to see highlights because his mean old mom sent him to bed before the game was over last night.
So, now things have shifted and it is sweet to see that John and Lucas have this to bond over.
Whitney and I are now watching a lot more football as well, so we can get in on this action.
We will always root for the Colts, being from Indiana
We will always root for the Bears, John has been a fan since about birth
We may one day learn to like the Lions, although so far in 6 years, that isn't happenin!!

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