Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Teaching mathmatics

Lucas is learning to multiply two or three digit numbers by the same. It is challenging for him to remember what order to do what things. He is learning. He practices alot and uses alot of erasers. John worked with him for like an hour last night, just going over everything again.
Today he came home and said, "math was so easy today". Great!!! " So what you and Daddy worked on last night really helped huh?"" Lucas says, "No, we learned this new, other way to do it called lattice, it is so much easier".
I have been dreading this. I have been trying to teach him the "ma and pa way" on everything. That is b/c this is what I know how to do, this is how I can help him. He is going to come home doing some new way.......
Luckily, he has the same teacher Whitney had, thank you Mrs. Weeda for teaching ME how to do lattice when Whit was in 4th grade, so I can now help my son do it.!!

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