Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dropping off the girl child at camp!!

So today Whitney went off to her first sleep away camp. I had told her so many stories about me going to camp growing up and how much fun I had. All the fun stuff you get to do, great friends, laughs. I found some old pictures of me at Gnaw Bone camp in Nashville, Indiana. Of course she laughed at them and how silly I looked, what wonderful memories.

She is bunking with a friend, and knew another girl who was going. We had the list, checked everything off, and then double checked again.

Whtiney had read thru the packet they sent us and noticed quite a lengthy list of what they couldnt take. No snacks, candy, gumm or ANY KIND OF ELECTRONICS, no laying around there, you were off on an adventure. With her initials on all the tags in her clothes, and extras of most everything thrown in by me, we drove off.

An hour down the road it starts pouring, even a little lightning. YUK! Not so interested in leaving my daughter in that mess. Luckily it stopped after about 10 minutes and the sun was shining again.
We get the girls checked in, find their tent number and head up the dirt road carrying a sleeping bag, pillow and every kind of bug repellant known to man. Ok, yes I wrote tent, not a cabin, a tent on a platform. The only ventilation was opening the flaps, no screen windows, nothing, the bugs were in or the air wasn't. Those were the two choices.

As the first girls to check into their tent, they get to pick the beds with the "best mattresses" and mosquito net...not kidding. We get their sleeping bags rolled out, sheets on. Then we proceed to clip on the bug repellents we brought, strap on the wristbands and spray down their beds with bug spray.
The camp does not encourage parents to stick around, so with a quick hug good bye, they were running off to meet friends and enjoy their time.

I cant wait to go pick her up on Tuesday and hear all the details. I hope she has a wonderful time. Yes, the camp is only two nights, that is a good start isnt it??

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The Bug said...

I hope Whitney has a great time at camp and makes lasting memories like yours. She will do great!