Thursday, August 12, 2010

We have hit the wall.

Yes, it has happened. I didn't think it would happen so quickly, we were cruising along at an ok clip and then wham!!! we hit it. I want the kids back in school.

I love not having a schedule, until I am ready to go out for the day and they are still asleep at 10:00AM.
I love not having to cook breakfast, excpet then they are ready for lunch at 11:00 and I just ate breakfast.

I love having my house picked up, now not clean, that is a different story, just stuff picked up and put where it goes. That hasnt happened all summer. I have learned to live with this one a little bit and let go. Life got a little easier when I did that.

The fighting and bickering and constantly telling them to find something to do is old now.

I want to read that class list and talk about who is in the class and who isnt. I want to go by school supplies and put them in the backpack.
Then I want my two beautiful children to put the backpack on and head out the door to school!!!

Luckily, there is a little light in my parents are taking my children for 6 days. They are going to New York which will be a great trip for all. To be honest, I really dont care where they are going, I am just looking forward to a little break. I will miss them after a day I know, which is the crazy dynamic of this entire mother hood thing. I want to feel that, and I want to be missed. We are never apart for to long to have that happen.
My ranting is complete, thanks for tuning in.

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