Monday, September 13, 2010

13 Years

13 years, that is how long I have been married to the most wonderful man.
We had a wonderful anniversary, not doing much, drop off at a bday party, lunch at subway...alone
stopped by the local Pandora store for some new charms Luv him
then my sweet friend said "Subway does not cut it for your anniversary. Drop your kids off, they are staying for dinner. You and John go out!"
Umm...ok, you dont have to tell me twice. I wonderful bottle of wine, great food and the anniversary was lovely. Can't wait for next year.
1-4-3 John


The Bug said...

Happy Anniversary Laura! Congrats on 13 years. Eric and I just had our 13th anniversary last Monday. It feels good doesn't it?

Laura Holden said...

Hey Wini, Congrats to you and Eric too. I remember that our anniversary were very close.
Those 13 years seem to have flown by. Glad that they have been wonderful for you guys as well.