Friday, September 10, 2010

EHEW, so gross

So, I am all about recycling.
Living here in Michigan, if you buy bottles or cans of drinks, you pay a deposit, to get it back, you have to return them to a bottle room at the grocery.
The smell of this room is stale beer, trash, and well, just gross.
So after 15 people at hour house this weekend, we had a huge recycle bag. I had put it off long enough. I loaded up today. I could barely get the bag out of the trash can.
We were out of rubber gloves at home.....maybe there will be one at the store?
I got thru 100 bottles, I could do no more, there was so much trash and food in the bag, i couldn't take it.
Apparently, not everyone had seen the big sign my daughter had made on the the trash can that said RECYCLE. It was to disgusting. Ahhhh, no rubber gloves at the store.
So, for the 20 bottles that didn't get recycled... well to bad. I will go without a diet coke one afternoon, I am not reaching any further in that bag.
But I am going to go buy some rubber gloves for next time.

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