Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I feel like I dont post much about Lucas. He is so lowkey, no drama. Just cruising along, happy, smart and my handsome little man.
He is now a huge Michigan fan. The Michigan vs. State game was on last Saturday. Not being from Michigan I have no vested interest in this game, except now Lucas cares, so I will root for whoever he wants to win.
Makes it more fun watching the game
He was playing in the yard with a bunch of friends all morning pretending they were Michigan players creaming State players
Unfortunately, when the real game happened, State won. He was crushed
for 10 minutes, then he was back outside playing again.
I love 9 yr. old boys!!!

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The Bug said...

Laura it is so nice to read your updates on the kids! We watched the game too and were very disappointed after also - Michigan fans all the way here.