Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The skunk

So, a few weeks ago Ruby sticks her face down a hole by a tree in the backyard and gets sprayed by a skunk. This is at 6:45 in the morning, she comes back inside like nothing happened. I bend over to wipe off her face thinking it is wet from the grass, nope, not dew, skunk!!!
I am gaging, so off Ruby goes to the garage until I can pull it together.
I Run upstairs while the kids are yelling, "Mom, what is the matter??? are you sick??? what is that smell??? Oh my gosh did a skunk get in the house???!!!!"
I run some water in the bathtub as John carries Ruby upstairs. Let me be more descriptive, John doesn't pay much attention to Ruby so the fact that he was carrying her was probably totally freakin her out. He has on blue rubber gloves and is holding her as far from his body as possible. He deposits her in the bathroom and I rinse and scrub and rinse some more.
If you didn't know water makes skunk smell even worse!
We dry her off and try to get ready for school. I will deal with the rest later.
So after dropping the kids off at school, I try to get the skunk smell out of the house, the towels, the carpet and every other area it has infiltrated. It is a nice day so I am able to open the windows, but guess what... skunk smell outside too!!!
My neighbors cat had been sprayed a week earlier, so I head to her house to get the special de-skunk lotion they sell at the pet store.
Ruby gets several baths in that throughout the course of the day.
The smell is on everything. I go to the gym and I can still smell it.
When will this end!!!!
I call a trapping service. For $250-$300 they will come take care of my skunk.
Ummmmmm, no thanks, we got plans for that money. John got a trap from his brother and we set it up in the back yard. We can do this right, my man is a hunter, he can take care of this.
We try several food options, peanut butter and honey on white bread....who wouldn't like that?
dog food, all we caught with the dog food was an opossum who we relocated.
Finally, we put some leftover rib bones out there, what the heck let's give it a whirl.
The next morning the trap is shut.
Now we put a furniture pad over the cage so when we do approach it, we hopefully wont get sprayed. Unfortunately, it also means we cant see what is in the cage. Standing almost on the other side of the yard, we peer in and see some black and white!!! We got him, we got the little stinky sucker. He has pulled some of the furniture pad in the cage with him, but he is nice and cozy tucked in there.
Well great, since you are comfy, you can just sit in there and think about what you have done. The havoc you have brought on my dog, on my family.
And, well, John is out of town, so we cant do much with it anyway at this point.
Stay tuned for the next chapter of the stinky skunk.

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